Destinations covered: Ukhimath (Kedarnath), Pandukeshwar (Badrinath), Kharsali (Yamunotri), Mukhwa (Gangotri)



The winter seat of Lord Kedarnath and Madhyamaheshwar, Ukhimath is the perfect place for travellers looking for peace and spirituality. The idols of Lord Kedar and Madhyameshwar are brought here in an elaborate procession every year and worshipped for six months during the winter season.


Pandukeshwar is where the Pandavas prayed to Vasudeva and where the Udhava idol, the emissary of Lord Badri, is worshiped during winters. The holy procession for the opening of the temple starts from here, and the idol of Udhava is carried along from here. This place is also known as Yogadhayana Badri. The temple, each for the Lord Kuber and the khsetrapal Ghantakarn are also situated here.


Kharsali, also known as ‘Khushimath’ is the winter home of Goddess Yamuna as Yamunotri Shrine becomes inaccessible due to snowfall. Apart from the divine aura, the place is also a lovely picnic spot sprinkled with several thermal springs, waterfalls and rolling meadows covered by forests of oaks and conifers.


While the Yamuna lives at Kharsali in the winters, Goddess Gangotri is brought to Mukhwa, a small village on the banks of Bhagirathi near Harsil. Mukhwa is a place where Chaman Rishi took rest with Pandava prince Bhima when he was coming to light the holy fire at an Ashwamegha Yagna.